Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers

Domestic Wires to Bank via Federal Reserve

University Bank
ABA 072413722

International Wires to Bank

Comerica Bank, Detroit, MI
Swift: MNBDUS33
FFC: University Bank A/C 1852915089
FBO: (the name on your account) A/C: (your deposit account number)

Please note this special rule for international wires: Please send an e-mail to information@university-bank.com to let us know to expect the wire, so we can credit it to your account upon receipt.

There are two options for our customers to consider when sending money overseas in a foreign currency.

1) On our website click on the Services tab then Online Banking to find the link in the personal banking section. Then click on “Buy Foreign Travelers Checks.” You’ll get the check in a couple of days and then you can mail it to the receiving party.
2) We can also send international wires in any currency to a bank account overseas if you have the “IBAN” of the account of the person you are sending the funds to, however, we charge $50 for an international wire. Although IBAN is not used in the U.S, it is an ISO Standard used in most countries overseas. The recipient can ask their bank for the IBAN number.

The fees for University Bank’s Wire Services:

  • Incoming International Wire Transfers: $35.00, Outgoing International Wire Transfers: $50.00
  • Domestic Incoming Wire Transfer $15.00, Domestic Outgoing Wire Transfer $25.00

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