Our Company

University Bank Reverse Mortgage division has educated thousands of clients, elder law attorneys, financial professionals, health professionals, government agencies, and non-profits about the benefits and effective use of reverse mortgages.

Our University Bank Reverse Mortgage division only does reverse mortgages, and we are proud to be one of America’s oldest and most respected sources of reverse mortgage information and advice.

As a team, we share a passion for our Seniors, and we are deeply committed to their needs. We pride ourselves in delivering honest, valuable advice to our clients as if they were our own family.

We will always do business this way.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create awareness and a better understanding of reverse mortgages throughout the senior adult community as well as within the professional community. Our goal is to educate people completely, accurately, and honestly about the pros and cons of reverse mortgages. Through this effort, we hope to make a difference in the lives of many senior Americans.

Meet Our Team

University Bank Reverse Mortgage division staff has a combined 100 plus years in Reverse Mortgages.

Ken Krajewski
Ken KrajewskiVice President
Serving Southeast Michigan
Cell: 248.635.4866
NMLS ID#: 168561
Britt Dawson
Britt DawsonReverse Loan Officer
Serving California and Arizona
Cell: 909.217.4678
NMLS ID#: 1619094
Ed Badrak
Ed BadrakReverse Loan Officer
Serving Southern California and Arizona
Cell: 619.857.4422
NMLS ID#: 302807
Rick Brown
Rick BrownReverse Loan Officer
Serving Missouri
Cell: 314.249.3418
NMLS ID#: 247348
Jim Cullen
Jim CullenReverse Loan Officer
Serving Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
Cell: 920.065.0949
NMLS ID#: 400155
Bill Eichstaedt
Bill EichstaedtReverse Loan Officer
Serving West Michigan
Cell: 269.567.0256
NMLS ID#: 404144
Ed Frankel
Ed FrankelReverse Loan Officer
Serving Washington and Oregon
Cell: 360.957.4314
NMLS ID#: 180468
Vince Halek
Vince HalekReverse Loan Officer
Serving Northern Michigan
Cell: 231.313.1800
NMLS ID#: 681528
Karen P. Payne
Karen P. PayneAccount Executive
Serving Georgia
Cell: 404.580.6201
NMLS ID#: 183631
Rob Reeves
Rob ReevesReverse Loan Officer
Serving Texas
Cell: 214.883.7366
NMLS ID#: 1420327
Steven J. Scott
Steven J. ScottReverse Mortgage Sales
Serving Mid-Michigan
Cell: 734.634.6069
NMLS ID#: 131971
Will Yoho
Will YohoReverse Loan Officer
Based in Illinois and Lending Across the Country
Cell: 847.341.7672
NMLS ID#: 756017
Anissa Palmatier
Anissa PalmatierAccount Executive
Serving and Lending
Across the Country
Cell: 309.275.3283
NMLS ID#: 711961