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Ed Badrak
Reverse Loan Officer
NMLS # 302807
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Serving Southern California and Arizona

Our mission is to create awareness and a better understanding of reverse mortgages throughout the older adult community as well as within the professional community.

University Bank Reverse Mortgages – Specializing in reverse mortgages.

Our reverse mortgage experts help seniors convert home equity into cash for retirement, medical bills, travel, healthcare, house repairs, extra income, or other worthwhile purposes.

Ed Badrak started in the reverse mortgage industry about 12 years ago. He began his reverse mortgage career after working over 30 years in many aspects of the Real Estate Finance industry.

Before joining the reverse mortgage industry, Ed was semi-retired for about five years. During that time, he was a facilitator of the AARP 50+ financial awareness program. During this timeframe, Ed realized how devoted he was to the older generation and just how much they have in common, such as the same genre of music and jokes.

“I wanted to make a difference in senior homeowners’ lives, which is why I decided that the reverse mortgage industry was right for me,” said Ed. “I found the greatest challenge for senior homeowners happens to be cash flow and cash preservation of their dwindling investments.”

Ed currently lives in San Diego, California, and previously served in the US Navy. He moved to San Diego in 1978 because of the San Diego Opera. Ed is a Vietnam Era Veteran and has served on numerous Veterans Advisory Committees at the leisure of 5 Congress persons over the years.

Ed had a good career as a multifaceted entertainer touring the US and many foreign countries. He now enjoys singing with several big bands in the region with other retired professional musicians. One of his hobbies is restoring sports cars; he has restored over 20 cars over the years and has lived on his boat for 13 years.

Ed is married and has children, grandchildren, and now great-grandchildren.

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