PayThat is a patented, bank-centric, highly secure real-time payment system that uses text messaging and email to easily transfer money. PayThat supports additional value added services not possible with current U.S. payment systems which create over $30 billion in value. These use cases are:

  • First Class Email [link to whitepaper]
  • Cross-border trade facilitation services using a Single Window [link to whitepaper]
  • Single Sign On Authentication and Credit Bureau services [link to whitepaper]
  • Healthcare payments & health information exchange automation [link to whitepaper]

The PayThat proposal was vetted and evaluated by the Federal Reserve Faster Payments Task Force [link to whitepaper]

University Bank is open to partnership with other financial institutions, FinTech firms and venture capital firms to profitably deploy PayThat.

For more information please contact:

Mr. Stephen Lange Ranzini
President & CEO
University Bank
Phone: (734) 741-5858 xt 9226


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